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Food traceability addresses many issues related to food crisis, quality, fraud prevention, food safety and food adulteration


Digitized Food Supply Chain Starting with Farmers!
Secured Supply Chain via Blockchain

FOODPRINT™ is a produce aggregation and food traceability solution which aggregates the farm produce and implements traceability using technology such as BLOCKCHAIN to capture the information of the produce at various levels in the supply chain. It is an intelligent platform which is aimed at digitizing agriculture to solve supply chain inefficiencies using technology. FOODPRINT captures comprehensive information about the commodities right from growers, growing information, pre-and post-harvest, transportation, warehousing etc. and will be pushed through BLOCKCHAIN to generate a digital identity for a physical commodity and eventually build traceability to prove provenance and movement of commodities from farm to table.

Technology platform

Leveraging Blockchain across the food supply chain

Farm Management

Comprehensive information about FPOs, Co-Ops, Farmers
Comprehensive information about FPOs, Co-Ops, Farmers

Crop Monitoring

Geo-fenced Farms, Farm Activity management, Geo-spatial analysis for Crop health monitoring

Post Harvest

Harvest, GRN, Post-harvest process, Storage, Inventory management

Food Safety & Traceability

Comprehensive pre and post harvest traceability via a QR Code on Blockchain across the supply chain